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How To Participate

Please fill in the following application information and click submit. Your information will be treated in confidence and will never be sold or shared. Please be assured that we are only asking for this information to verify and protect you as a Forum Participant. When we receive your request we will first verify the request then send you instructions of how to become a registered user and access the Forum.

Please check your Spam mail folder to be sure the registration doesn’t get filed there by mistake?
To be a Forum content provider, i.e a Contributor, you must first create a user name and password. Please note it is not necessary to sign up for a new blog to become a registered user. Just go to https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1 if you don’t already have a WordPress account.
Then reopen the invitation email you will receive from here and click Accept.
WordPress has a comprehensive Help Section:
we recommend looking at the following pages:

There are 3 categories of Participation:

  1. FOLLOW: If you would just like to keep an eye on the Forum information, just click the FOLLOW button at the top of the right side bar. It’s not required to be a WordPress account holder to receive email notification of updates and you will be able to comment on Post entries. However those with a WordPress account will not have to verify their email. Please DO NOT click this button if you want to be able to contribute your own content. Then you will need to register to be …… a
  2. CONTRIBUTOR: If you check this button below you will receive an email from us with instructions of how to register and create an account. You can then submit your own Posts. Please note that all posts are reviewed by the Administrator prior to publishing, usually within a matter of minutes, to prevent SPAM and hacking. If you would like to include an image or a file please send it using the Forum Gmail, again this is a necessary step to scan for malware. A Contributor, also known as a Participant, can also comment on any Post.(For those who asked, NO, being a Contributor doesn’t mean you are required to be cash donor, although we hope you’ll see enough value in this site to want to help support it?)
  3. MONITOR: As we anticipate the Forum become a highly active and robust platform for discussion on a wide ranging set of topics, we see the need arising very quickly for volunteers to help us monitor threads, act as Forum Etiquette reminders, or just to keep the conversation on topic. If you would like to volunteer for this role please indicate that in the Text Box.

Once you are a Registered Contributor you may Post questions and/or Comment on other threads. Please review the Forum Etiquette Rules. Our intent is to keep the Forum focused, civil and encourage discussion and interaction.


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