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Helping the future

This forum is designed to put people in touch with each other to discuss and solve current and future issues relating to water and wastewater.

Now imagine a future without half the students having graduated to fill our places when we retire …?


This message is a call to all professional and technical women in the Forum, or if you know or work with someone who fits the bill as a Wonderful Woman of Wastewater!

The drop out rate for girls who enter college in the STEM fields is staggering – many of them would have been future designers, biologists, engineers, operators – and we need to do something about that.

On September 23, 2014 – from 2-4 pm ET we will be hosting an open forum where the fabulous Wonder Women of Wastewater will be talking directly to girls about what motivated them to enter this field, what it took to get qualified and what obstacles they had to overcome.

Gathering around the virtual Adobe Connect water cooler will be professional and accomplished women – if you would like to register to join them in this recorded event go to


Yours might just be the voice to change a future. And you can also follow through Twitter at #WWofWW


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Sustainable Fish Farming?

Is this sustainable practice? There are many cases of so called sustainable practices across the globe. But question here is how fit the fish raised in sewage for human consumption? Even if with full or partial treatment, there is a lot left in the wastewater to get accumulate in the fish due to their higher tolerance towards toxic substances. We can count many pollutants of interest e.g. detergents, PPPs, Trace Elements, Micro Pollutants, list could be exhausting. If fish for human consumption is raised in such waters, is there any study conducted to assess the edibility of the fish? Is there any database available which describes how much pollutants of concern are getting accumulated in fish and to what level they could affect human beings?


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Are wastewater people the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’s of the environment movement?

What do water and wastewater professionals have to do to get some ‘respect’?

Recently San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (@SFWater ) hosted a #sewerchat Twitter Meet where the conversation quickly focused on how to connect with the general public and make them more aware and appreciative of what water and wastewater people actually do!

Many now participate in Twitter and the platform presents a unique opportunity and perspective of how to generate a little respect?

Participants included @NYCSanitation, @dcwater , @wallywaterdrop (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District) , @PhillyH2O

Do Forum participants use Twitter and other Social Media platforms to send out alerts, ask questions, seek public input.

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