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Best treatment tech. for removing MEK from industrial laundry wastewater?

Can anyone help with this question from one of our (WasteWater Education 501c3) Board Members?

What tech. has been effectively used to remove MEK from wastewater generated by laundering industrial/shop/printer textiles. Final target loadings would be below .5 mg/l at the final point of discharge. Thank you for any helpful discussion/links to relevant information.


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Industrial Pretreatment Workshop

In October of this year VA DEQ, in conjunction with Curt McCormick, will be presenting a three day workshop.  Curt used to work for EPA out west but recently retired and began his own consulting firm.  He provides training in compliance, local limits, legal authority, etc.  Anyone else out there have any sort of pretreatment program training sessions set up this year?  If so, what will be covered at them?  Thanks!