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Forum Etiquette


  • The purpose of the Water & Wastewater Knowledge Exchange Forum is for the free exchange of information and ideas related to ‘built to suite’ decentralized treatment systems.
  • The Administrators and Editors of the Forum do not endorse or derive personal financial benefit from any proprietary technology or vendor discussed here. Any professional affiliation will be disclosed if this is the case at any time.
  • If an event, activity or service is underwritten or sponsored full disclosure will be stated.
  • Any suggested technical remedy offered by contributors should not be construed as an emphatic endorsement by the Forum Editorial Team. Any technical advice should be weighed by using your own education and experience and by utilizing the appropriate protocols within your own agency, municipality or company.
  • The Forum Team, and WasteWater Education 501(c)3 will not be held liable for any resulting damage or impact from any false representation, unfair advertising practices or false statements. Legal responsibility rests with the author.
  • Privacy Statement

    • By entering your contact information here you are granting permission for your conduct to be monitored
    • Your personal information is held in a segregated secure server
    • It will never be shared, sold or disclosed unless due to legal requirement
    • You are strongly advised to exercise caution when entering personal identifying information that could place your online activity and identification at risk
    • To unsubscribe from this Forum at any time just email or use the Contact Form.

Rules of Conduct

  • Profanity, liable, slander or any comment adjudged to be false will not be tolerated.
  • Normal disagreement is to be expected but keep it courteous or it will be deleted.
  • Continued behavior which is offensive will result in you being removed from the Forum.
  • SPAM content will result in you being barred from the Forum.
  • Blatant use of the Forum to market a product will result in you being removed from the Forum.

How To Participate

  • You can sign up to “Follow” the Forum by clicking on the Widget Button [top right of the Home Page]and entering your email address. You will then receive an email each time a new Post or comment is made.
  • You can request to be a Contributor by sending us an email via the Join The Forum Contact Page.
  • The previous Water and Wastewater Forum became hopelessly compromised by SPAM and nasty bugs – as opposed to the WWTP bugs we couldn’t live without! – if being moderated and monitored, to prevent this from happening again, isn’t your cup of tea then just Follow The Forum.
  • Being considerate of your fellow professionals is paramount. We will not censor for legitimate content but any breach of acceptable behavior will result in you being ejected from the Forum.
  • The posting of URL links without content will be considered Spam and will not be allowed.
  • The Forum is for relevant information only.
  • You may post in any language but one version MUST be in English. If you use an automatic Translator, such as Google Translate, this should be noted as it may not be accurate, particularly when scientific or proprietary language is used. Please bring to our attention if there is a better translation.
  • Please refer to the Sponsorship page for language and content guidance.

If you have an operator or technical question please post it to the Help Forum. If you have a web site issue that needs resolving, such as a complaint or a web site function question,please use this form. Please note the information requested is for verification purposes only and to limit Spam access. We do not sell or share or disclose your personal information.


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