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Impact of antibacterial products


We have received a request for feedback from any facilities or operators that have first hand experience of the impact from triclosan, tricloban or other antibacterial / biocide products on their systems. Please cite references if possible? Thank you.


Author: WWHF Administrator

Executive Director. WasteWater Education Inc. 501c3

4 thoughts on “Impact of antibacterial products

  1. Amit, Henry – WERF have done a lot of work on this. See http://www.werf.org/i/a/ka/TraceOrganics.aspx

    In 2011 I attended a webinar on the topic. One of the questions posed was: How does process operation effect trace organic chemical removal?

    Biological treatment efficiency must surely be impacted by antibacterial products?

    There’s a link on the WERF.org site link shown above to this excellent paper.

    Trace Organic Chemicals in Biosolids-Amended Soils: State of the Science Review
    This report (SRSK5T09) identifies the data gaps that limit our ability to assess potential environmental and human health impacts of biosolids-borne trace organics in soils.

    And here’s a link to their ongoing research efforts:


    • I see impacts on biosolids, but not on the biomass involved in an actual treatment situations. That is a huge undertaking since, except for 100% human sewage, no two systems are alike.


  2. I agree with Amit that the people that know these situations are not likely to publish any information. I know that my biggest impact was seen in a facility that recycled bottles. Part of those would have contained commercial products with triclosan. There was never any money to study species present, so the impact could not be determined. I can tell you that any facility adding triclosan will be very careful not to waste it. In textiles, any antimicrobial addition is done as near 100% and if possible, any left is recycled. Even the containers are highly protected and any washdown is highly diluted.


  3. Hi Dendra

    I believe it will be difficult to find such reference as hardly any facility monitor the micro pollutants. But following link might help to understand the impact of triclosan.



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