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Synthetic Wastwater recipe. .


Hi ,

Can anyone suggest papers or journals for the preparation of synthetic waste water which will simulate aeration tank effluent. We are working on a lab scale experiment to modify and observe the working of secondary clarifier , for the same we need synthetic wastewater recipe which will simulate the aeration tank effluent .




2 thoughts on “Synthetic Wastwater recipe. .

  1. The problem with a recipe is that you need to define the parameters. These recipes will be aeration basin influent and you will need to treat them first to get effluent. Then, you must decide what kind. Aeration basin effluent can vary from 50-500 COD and 5-100 BOD. Be sure to define all parameters. The recipe I use is found in the footnotes of OECD 302C using the nutrients in 302B. We find this works better for long term studies.


  2. Check the link below for your answer. There is a guideline from OECD called peptone sewage.



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