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Phosphorus Limits


Curious to see what upcoming phosphorus limits will be for states/ regions of people participating in this forum. Wisconsin is looking at 0.075 mg/L for many plants. Very low, and requires tertiary filtration. Look forward to hearing from others on this topic, and if there is an upcoming limit in place, what is the plan of action for meeting the limit design wise.

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2 thoughts on “Phosphorus Limits

  1. That’s a dangerous place to live! High enough that tertiary filtration may not be needed, but if TSS is ever above 10 mg/L (especially if doing biological phosphorus removal), could be trouble.

    Please keep us posted. It’s interesting to see how different states are handling this. In my experience, it depends quite a bit on the receiving stream. Some plants in Wisconsin are getting as low as 0.75 while some others still have no limits or very high limits.

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  2. Here in Bedford, VA we are going to have a limit of around 0.6 mg/l. Right now we are supplying data to state DEQ. Next permit cycle, ding-dong!


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