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Hope You Had A Great Weekend


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5 thoughts on “Hope You Had A Great Weekend

  1. Sorry I am responding so late, I was off most of June. The operational conference covered many topics, some of which were basic math, basic operations, utility location, corrosion prevention in plants and collection systems, flow monitoring, and challenge events for operator teams. Yes, there was a golf event. I went on a field trip to a local micro-brewery for tour and then lunch as part of session on high strength wastes.


    • Hello Eric,
      your answer has given me an idea for a stand alone discussion? There has been an explosion of new micro-breweries all across the country in recent years, some on central sewer and many with decentralized systems. They all have fluctuations in volume and in strength so let’s take this over to a new thread?


  2. Tell us about the Virginia Conference Eric? And welcome to the Forum!


  3. I had a great weekend! I went from attending a two day operations conference at the Wintergreen Resort in Virginia to enjoying Father’s Day weekend. Friday the 13th was most excellent this year. Grilled some chicken and burgers, ate potato salad with them, good family time.


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