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Algae Control in Lagoons

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In my experience, this is one of the most common problems for lagoon systems. Phosphorus and sunlight is the recipe for algae growth, which can contribute to effluent TSS and BOD. I’m curious to hear stories, and others opinions on how to best deal with algae. Thanks in advance.


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One thought on “Algae Control in Lagoons

  1. Not much experience with Lagoon but the basic mechanism of P cycle makes me guess that two factors are most important. Anaerobic conditions which release P from Fe bonds and other is thermal stratification which brings nutrient to the surface of the lake because of mixing occurring in the pond. While sunlight is also important factor governing algal growth. So is it better idea to shift from natural aeration to induced aeration (using some aerators) as it will prevent anaerobic conditions? Another aspect would be frequent removal of sludge from the lake which will in fact remove the amount of P and N already accumulated within the biomass and thus reduce the amount of nutrients cycled back to the upper liquid surface ?


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