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A new British Columbia wastewater treatment plant will have the beauty of a botanical garden.

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Green Treatment

A new British Columbia wastewater treatment plant will have the beauty of a botanical garden.

Posted on June 6, 2014

Written by Clark Kingsbury

Community wastewater treatment plants and botanical gardens generally don’t have all that much in common. One is a noisy industrial facility while the other is an appealing community gathering place. A nearly completed wastewater facility in the District of Sechelt, British Columbia, located on the lower Sunshine Coast, will blur the line between the two.

The facility will utilize a fed batch reactor (FBR) solution by Organica, a Budapest-based water treatment provider. The process incorporates natural plant roots as a biofilm carrier to improve treatment efficiency and oxygen transfer characteristics. It combines traditional treatment technologies with natural, locally sourced vegetation in a greenhouse setting. Although in use at 30 to 40 sites abroad, Sechelt is set to become the first location in North America to utilize Organica’s innovative technology. (Ed. Note: For more information on the Sechelt facility, now known as the Sechelt Water Resource Centre, click here.)


Author: WWHF Administrator

Executive Director. WasteWater Education Inc. 501c3

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