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Welcome to the forum. If you’d like, please share your story of why you got into wastewater and a little about your career



Image of testate amoeba courtesy of Dirk Seghers

I personally (like many) never set out as a kid saying “I want to be a wastewater operator”. I got a job as a correctional officer (prison guard) and after about 6 months decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do for a career. With my background, I got into security. The first assignment the company had for me was to be the security guard for the Milwaukee Water Works plant. After meeting with the operators, I became interested in getting into the field. I ended up working as a wastewater operator for 7 years and have recently advanced to a full time consulting and technical service role. I was very fortunate to meet great people who mentored me, that I met through the previous forum waterandwastewater.com (now closed- shut down due to spam). I enjoy process control, troubleshooting plants, training operators, and presenting One very exciting thing about this field, is there is always more to learn. I look forward to sharing the knowledge that I have, as well as learning from others and networking through the forum.
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Ryan Hennessy



Author: wastewatermicrobiologyconsulting

I provide wastewater microbiology testing and support for third party clients such as engineering companies, chemical companies, contract operation companies, and bioaugmentation companies

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the forum. If you’d like, please share your story of why you got into wastewater and a little about your career

  1. One of my first real jobs shared the site with a Severn Trent Treatment facility, so maybe I caught the bug there!
    I can still remember all those gulls hopping up and riding round on the spindle. Like most people I never gave much thought to how we humans have come to depend on the magic of doing our daily ‘business’ and having it go off somewhere else. Likewise the drinking water always came out of the tap – until the day it didn’t!
    This past winter in MI reminded me of the brutal ones from the 60s and 70s – and having an outdoor toilet at school – which required an ice breaker or an indoor bucket stop gap measure. It’s been an interesting journey from a career in history to being an advocate for sustainable integrated wastewater – they say you go through at least 6 career changes in life so I have one to go.
    I can point to 2 turning points that sent me down this path – one was the superb James Burke TV series “Connections” which ended with the simple statement that all it will take for western civilization to collapse is 4 things: no gas at the pumps, no electricity for refrigeration or water utilities, no water in the faucet and no way to flush the toilet.
    The second was stumbling across a nonprofit who had a simple mission – to help get reputable information on available technologies and management structures out into the hands of small communities and their elected leaders. I went to the meeting – and came back on the Board. Became the first Executive Director and now it’s 13 years later. It’s a long way from cataloging neolithic hand axes baby!


  2. I never thought about career in Wastewater field. My basic education is a mechanical engineering bachelors degree. After finishing my degree, nearly for two years I was wandering here and there in traditional manufacturing field which sounded really boring and dull to me. Meanwhile out of no where I got a job in water treatment engineering firm as sales and marketing engineering selling water treatment products based on RO,UF Technology. For four years I worked in the organization and eventually ended up handling a whole unit of sales and marketing , design, service professionals as their head.

    During this times I came across some glimpses of wastewater/environmental field and decided to pursue further education in the field. During 2006 to 2008 studied my MSc at Middlesex University, London, UK in Environmental Pollution Control.

    At present I am engaged with Levapor GmbH as their country manager promoting high performance bio carrier for fixed film based processes for complex effluent and municipal wastewater treatment. I have keen interest in biological wastewater treatment design, operation and maintenance and trouble shooting.

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