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Are wastewater people the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’s of the environment movement?

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What do water and wastewater professionals have to do to get some ‘respect’?

Recently San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (@SFWater ) hosted a #sewerchat Twitter Meet where the conversation quickly focused on how to connect with the general public and make them more aware and appreciative of what water and wastewater people actually do!

Many now participate in Twitter and the platform presents a unique opportunity and perspective of how to generate a little respect?

Participants included @NYCSanitation, @dcwater , @wallywaterdrop (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District) , @PhillyH2O

Do Forum participants use Twitter and other Social Media platforms to send out alerts, ask questions, seek public input.

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Author: WWHF Administrator

Executive Director. WasteWater Education Inc. 501c3

One thought on “Are wastewater people the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’s of the environment movement?

  1. I believe thats a good initiative by the city councils and public utilities. I always wonder why wastewater treatment professionals never get attention like Fire Fighters, Marines, SEALs. I really love the way hollywood has idolized them. We as WW professionals too are as important as them. Imagine if a city’s WWT is tuned off then the danger of epidemic they face. Some one needs to put a kind of glamour with this field to attract quality work force. It will also serve as a starting point to educate people more about importance of water and its handling in their day to day life, no matter who does it and how do they do?

    Like fire fighters, Wastewater operators too put their life at risk by remaining for a long time in contact with dangerous bugs you know !!!!!


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